Terms and Conditions of Exclusive Sino Group Member Limited Time Offer


描述 Description
During the promotion period, members of Sino Group will receive a 15% discount on purchases via Farm66.com and membership discount codes.

推廣期 Promotion Period
Unless otherwise specified, the promotion period is from 12:00 noon on November 09, 2020 to 6:00 pm on December 29, 2020, both days inclusive (“Promotion Period”)

一般條款及細則 General Policy

  • 如有任何爭議,Farm66 Investment Limited保留最終決定權並對所有參加者具約束力。
  • Farm66 Investment Limited保留更改推廣期的權利,並不作另行通知。
  • 一旦同意此份條款及細則,你即在此聲明並保證你將遵守法例及與此活動有關之條例,以及你不會以此活動達至任何非法目的。
  • In case of any disputes, Farm66 Investment Limited reserves the right to make the final decision, which shall be binding on all participants.
  • Farm66 Investment Limited reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, including changing the Promotion Period or Reward or to terminate this Promotion

Delivery Terms & Conditions

送貨服務(只限香港) Delivery Service & Returns (HONG KONG only)

  • 收到貴客的付款後,,本公司會根據以下送貨時間表送出貨品。惟公眾假期、八號風球或黑色雷 暴警告日子不設送貨。以下的送貨時間表只作參考,本公司有權因內外因素而作出調整。
  • 請於收到貨品後立即檢查貨品有沒有任何錯漏或損壞, 並請於當天內提出更換, 隔天後恕不更換。
  • No delivery will be made under the following circumstances: a) public holidays, b) Typhoon signal no.8 (or above), c) black rainstorm signal, or d) any other severe weather warnings is hoisted.
  • Please check all products immediately after delivery, to make sure there are no errors or broken items. No returns or exchanges will be accepted after next days of delivery.

We offer FREE delivery (single location only) for purchases over HK$500.

  1. 離島(包括愉景灣、機場)及貨櫃碼頭不設送貨服務,東涌及馬灣除外。Our delivery service covers Hong Kong’s Tung Chung, but does not cover other areas in Lantau, Discovery Bay ,outlying islands, airport & container terminals.
  2. 送貨地點之街道必須容許貨車停泊。若送貨地點未能停泊車輛或沒有停車場,送貨人員會致電客戶,並於最接近的停泊點提供地面交收。Parking service must be available for the delivery address. If the delivery address cannot be parked, we will contact you to collect the finished goods at the nearest parking space.

若送貨地址並無升降機直達或貨品須經樓梯送貨,顧客須以現金方式繳付每層港幣$20的「樓梯附加費」予送貨司機; 但由地下至1樓的「樓梯附加費」送運服務可獲豁免。例子如下:

  • 如須經樓梯送貨至1樓(須行1層樓梯),顧客可獲豁免地下至一樓的$20「樓梯附加費」;
  • 如須經樓梯送貨至2樓(須行2層樓梯),顧客須付$20送貨附加費予送貨司機,(HK$40行兩層樓梯,扣除地下至一樓的免樓梯費$20,即只須付HK$20)。
  • 如須經樓梯送貨至3樓(須行3層樓梯),顧客須付$40送貨附加費予送貨司機,(HK$60行三層樓梯,扣除地下至一樓的免樓梯費$20,即只須付HK$40)。如此類推。
  • 送貨範圍請參閱以下分區表,綠芝園保留一切修改內容之權利。
  • 本公司並未提供「指定送貨時間」服務。
  • 如果您有任何疑問,請於星期一至五早上10時至下午6時,撥打熱線電話 (+852) 2668-1068。

Walk-up charge
Wherever possible we will deliver your purchases via the lift. If there is no lift in the building, or for whatever reasons we have to deliver by walking up the stairs, additional “walk-up charge HK$20 per level” will be charged by our delivery team (except from G/F to 1/F). Below is the detailed explanation:

  • For deliveries by walking up the stairs from G/F to 1/F, additional walk-up charge HK$20 will be waived.
  • For deliveries by walking up the stairs from G/F to 2/F, customers need to pay additional walk-up charge HK$20 per level by cash directly to the delivery team.
  • For deliveries by stairs from G/F to 3rd floor, customers need to pay additional walk-up charge HK$40, and so on.
  • Farm66 do not provide “designated delivery time” service.
  • Due to traffic conditions, our delivery team will contact the consignee about an hour before delivery to confirm delivery time.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone, Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, at (+852) 2668-1068.